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American Geographical Society Cartographic Collection - Maintained via the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library

American Memory Map Collections - Large selection of online scanned images from the Library of Congress, accessible with any standard web browser and intended to allow access for general study. This will be a useful site for students and general map enthusiasts.

Ancient World Mapping Center - "The Ancient World Mapping Center exists to promote cartography and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies." Centered at the Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Antique Map Price Record - online site for the new CD version of this valuable resource.

Atlantes Neerlandici - online bibliographical list of Dutch atlases, with up-to-date entries from the revised edition

British Library - Map Collection Page

Bodleian (Oxford) Library Map Room

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - A wonderful image collection, of more limited use to those with older style modem / telephone connections (high speed access much improves the site utility). As the site evolves, a distinct effort is being made to accommodate those with less sophisticated browsers and slower connections.

Early Cartographic Resources on the World Wide Web - Prepared by RL Sanford as an article in "Early Modern Literary Studies" in 1998. This is a long but single page with numerous online resources. Although it overlaps with many others, the condensed format makes this a nice quick-reference page.

Galileo Project - This informative site, hosted by Rice University, is dedicated to the life of Galileo. Available references include map images, and an extensive biographical index with information on many of his scientific contemporaries, several of whom were of distinct importance to the history of cartography (such as Flamsteed, Acosta, Apian, Blaeu, Coronelli, Frisius, Hakluyt, Kircher, Magini, Petty and more).

Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress

Hakluyt Society

Harvard University Map Collection

The History of Cartography Project - A detailed page linked to the Dept. of Geography at the University of Wisconsin. The major activity is the production of the multivolume History of Cartography, published by the Univ. of Chicago Press.

Latitude and Longitude
- a nicely designed site pertaining to this history of navigation and mapping.

MapHist Discussion Group - major online discussion group for the history of cartography. Directions for email signup are at the site.

Map History - maintained by Tony Campbell, retired chief Map Librarian of the British Library.

Map Interest Societies (also see Odden's Bookmarks). - This site, currently linking the online collections of the David Rumsey site and the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, is intended to allow comparison of multiple images at multiple institutions, in an attempt to expand public online access to all interested parties. It is an ambitious undertaking, with plans to add other institutional collections in the near future.

Map Societies Around the World - (this site is maintained through Cleveland State University).

Map Theft Discussion This area is tied to Tony Campbell's map history site, but is listed separately here due to the importance of the topic. It is a detailed discussion of the problem, and should be of interest to dealers, collectors and librarians.

Military Academy (United States) This link goes to a page of campaign atlases, developed as a teaching aid for cadets. Some of the files are very large, placing those with standard modem connections at a disadvantage, but there is still a lot of information here.

National Library of Australia- Map Collection

New York Public Library - Map Division

Newberry Library, History of Cartography Collections

Odden's Bookmarks - This large and popular site is perhaps the most prominent of its type on the web. It is editorially controlled by RP Oddens at the Univ. Of Utrecht. If you need to keep your "favorite site" listings brief, this is the one to use, although its sheer scope can make navigation a bit daunting.

Osher Map Library - University of Southern Maine

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - The Univ. of Texas Library

Royal Geographical Society - This link takes you to the collection and archives pages of the society, the largest of its type in Europe, and one of the largest in the world.

Society for the History of Discoveries

Stanford University Libraries Antiquarian Maps Collection


Imago Mundi -- published yearly: Imago Mundi Ltd., Attn: Tony Campbell, c/o Map Library, The British Library, Great Russell St., London WC1B 3DG, England (there is also an online list of journals & periodicals maintained here)

International Map Collectors Society Journal -- 29 Mount Ephraim Road, Streatham, London SW16 1NQ, England

Mercator's World
-- Unfortunately, the magazine has ceased production. It is hoped that something may eventually surface to fill the void.

Map Forum -- This was an online magazine for collectors/enthusiasts. It has not recently been updated, but will be restarted again in conjunction with the launch of a new print magazine of the same name. The first issue of that magazine, handled by the publishers of the Antiquarian Book Review, is due out very soon (early 2004). The new magazine may resemble the old Map Collector more than Mercator's World. As soon as the online site is reactivated with new information, the link here will be reactivated.

Terrae Incognitae -- journal on discoveries, exploration and maps. Includes online articles and book reviews beginning with 2002 issue. Contact: Society for the History of Discoveries, 5502 Laurel Ridge Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA or email

The Portolan -- published three times a year by the Washington Map Society.Online site includes listing of contents and index to all past issues. Contact: Editor, The Portolan, Washington Map Society, PO Box 10793, Burke, VA 22009-0793 USA.

Brussels International Map Collectors' Circle -- publishes three illustrated newsletters per year.


The National Geographic Society has its complete map collection on CD ROM. This is easily searched, and is a comprehensive reference work that should be of broad general use and interest.

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