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USEFUL BOOKS - suggested additions to this list welcome at .

Allen P: The Atlas of Atlases: The Map Maker's Vision of the World. New York, Abrams, 1992. A nicely produced book detailing the Cadbury collection of atlases of the Birmingham (UK) Public Library. 

Berggren JL, Jones A: Ptolemy's Geography: An Annotated Translation of the Theoretical Chapters. Princeton University Press, 2000. Scholarly, detailed, readable and referenced translation and discussion of Ptolemy's work.

Black J: Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past. Yale Univ. Press, 1997. This is a scholarly and readable treatise on the development and role of the historical atlas. 

Burden P: The Mapping of North America. A List of Printed Maps 1511-1670. Raleigh Publications, 1996. An exhaustive reference on the subject.

Buisseret D (ed): Monarchs Ministers and Maps. The Emergence of Cartography as a Tool of Government in Early Modern Europe. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1992. Another in the series of published Nebenzahl Lectures, with sections dealing with Italy (J Marino), Egland (P Barber), France (D Buisseret), Spain (G Parker), Austria (J Vann) and Poland (M Mikos).

Carter J: Taste and Technique in Book Collecting. The Stellar Press, Great Britain, 1970 (this is the reprinted edition of this book, with the epilogue, first published in 1948). This is a wonderful book, discussing many aspects of collecting, including the complex relationships between dealers, collectors, librarians and scholars. The discussion is equally useful for map and book collectors.

Cormack LB: Charting Empire. Geography at the English Universities, 1580-1620. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1997. A very nice review of an historically significant era in the study of geography, with sections on mathematical and descriptive geography, chorography, and the various sources of patronage.

Cumming WP: The Southeast in Early Maps. Chapel Hill (North Carolina), Univ. of N. Carolina Press, 1998. This is the newer edition, extensively revised and updated by Louis De Vorsey, and a very detailed regional source pertaining to the discovery and colonization of the southeastern USA. 

Cumming WP, Skelton RA, Quinn BB: The Discovery of North America. New York, American Heritage Press, 1972 (year of the first American edition). This is a well-known reference work.

Driver F: Geography Militant. Cultures of Exploration and Empire. Blackwell, Oxford, 2001. With a title derived from an early 20th century essay by Joseph Conrad, this interesting and scholarly book traces the role of institutions in the culture of exploration, with a British emphasis, and some focus on the role of the Royal Geographical Society, and the explorations of Stanley and Livingstone. 

Esposito VJ: The West Point Atlas of American Wars. FA Praeger, NY, 1959. This is a 2 volume work, and this first edition can be a bit hard to find. It has been reissued, and is a very useful reference source on its subject. 

Goss J: The Mapmaker's Art: An Illustrated History of Cartography. Rand McNally, 1993. This is a very nicely produced and readable volume. 

Guthorn PJ: United States Coastal Charts 1783-1861. Exton (PA), Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1984. A useful volume for anyone interested in the charts/sketches of the US Coast Survey.

Harley JB (edited by P Laxton): The New Nature of Maps. Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, 2001. A series of readable and scholarly essays by Harley, published posthumously, discussing maps and cartography as social constructs, with political, religious, economic, ethical and military implications.

Harley JB, Petchenik BB, Towner LW: Mapping the American Revolutionary War. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1978. This remarkable volume, based on the 4th Nebenzahl lecture on the history of cartography for the Newberry Library, is a landmark book on the mapping of a single war, examining 18th-20th century approaches.

Harley JB, Woodward D (eds): The History of Cartography. Univ. of Chicago Press. This is an exhaustive multivolume work that is ongoing. Volume One was published in 1987.

Hunter D: Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft. Dover Publications, NY, 1978 (an unabridged republication of Knopf's second edition from 1947). This is a lengthy, detailed, discussion of papermaking. Chapters on watermarks, techniques of laid paper, historical appearance of paper types, and more appear in what is nearly an encyclopedic work. The author was at MIT. Extensive reference notes and a detailed index are present. 

Jackson J: 1. Flags Along the Coast. (1995) 2. Shooting the Sun (vols. I & II). (1998) - Both of these meticulously crafted books were published for The Book Club of Texas, by Wind River Press in Austin. The author has a real love of his subject and respect for the history of cartography. Although both deal mainly with Texas and immediately adjacent areas (book 1 with coastal chart records and book 2 with interior mapping), they are so well done that they should be of general interest to those with interests in cartographic history. Unfortunately, both were limited, numbered editions, and will likely be hard to find.

Koeman IC: Atlantes Neerlandici: Bibliography of terrestrial, maritime and celestial atlases..., 5 vols. Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1967-71. This is encyclopedic, scarce and expensive; a new edition is being released serially, revised and edited by PCJ van der Krogt. 

Manasek FJ: Collecting Old Maps. Norwich (VT), Terra Nova Press, 1998. Although new, this readable volume is nearly requisite for anyone interested in map collecting. It is a broad-based introduction, with sections on terminology, paper, building a collection, market factors and more. Mr. Manasek also maintains an online page that is a price guide, specifically tailored to those items discussed in his book.

McElfresh, EB: Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War. New York, Henry Abrams, 1999. The author is a noted cartographer and map historian. The book is well produced, with 150 color reproductions, including analysis of both Union and Confederate maps, and the roles they played in the outcome of the war. This volume is useful and unique in its approach to the maps of the Civil War. 

Meinhardt E, Newe HJ, Schafer E (eds): The Book of the World. New York, MacMillan, 1996. This is a contemporary atlas, striking for its incorporation of satellite imagery. Although not specifically concerned with the study of antiquarian maps, it offers an interesting perspective, and the quality of the production is apparent. 

Momprade EL, Gutierrez T: Image of America. Prologue Elias Trabulse Mex., Transportacion Maritima Mexicana, 1996. Only 1500 copies were produced, and only 300 of these were in English. This book was not put here soley for its cartographic information. The artistic quality of this volume is stunning. 

Monmonier, M: How to Lie with Maps, 2nd edition. Univ. Of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1996 (paperback edition). This expands on the first edition, issued in 1991. This is a wonderful discussion of the ways maps can, intentionally or not, distort information. 

Moreland C, Bannister D: Antique Maps. Phaidon Press Ltd., London, 1993 (paperback edition). A useful general reference on collecting antiquarian maps, with focus mostly on European mapmakers prior to the 19th century. Much of the book is made up of small pieces of information on individual cartographers and their works, and it is not focused as much on a general approach to collecting when compared with Manasek's or Potter's books.

Morrison R, Hansen R: Charting the Chesapeake. Maryland State Archives (350 Rowe Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21401 USA), 1990. 

Nebenzahl, K: Maps of the Holy Land. Abbeville Press, NY, 1986. A beautifully produced volume on this subject. A pleasure to read and a wonderful reference source. 

Norwich OI: Norwich's Maps of Africa: An Illustrated and Annotated Carto-Bibliography. Norwich (VT), Terra Nova Press, 1997. This is the second edition, revised and edited by JC Stone. 

Papenfuse EC, Coale JM III: Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, 1608-1908. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Univerity Univ. Press, 1982 

Pedley MS: Bel et Utile: The World of the Robert de Vaugondy Family of Mapmakers. UK, Map Collector Publications Ltd., 1992. A nicely produced volume about this influential family of mapmakers during the French European Enlightenment. 

Phillips PL: A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, vols. I-IV. Washington (DC), Govt. Printing Office, 1909-1974. These have been reprinted (M. Martino, 146 Mansfield Rd., Storrs-Mansfield, CT 06268 USA). 

Phillips PL: A List of Maps of America. Washington (DC), Government Printing Office, 1901. A reprint edition (easier to find and less pricey) was issued in 1967 by Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Amsterdam.

Potter, J: Collecting Antique Maps. An Introduction to the History of Cartography. London, 2001. This is the latest revision of this well-known and well-written book, which now includes a price guide to many of the maps illustrated. It is a nice general introduction to collecting, now extending its horizons to 19th century material. The general organization of this book is different than Manasek's , and the two would complement each other, both being written by established dealers. 

Ristow WW: Guide to the History of Cartography: An Annotated List of References on the History of Maps and Mapmaking. Washington (DC), Library of Congress, 1973. 

Ristow WW: American Maps and Mapmakers. Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Wayne State Univ. Press, Detroit, 1985. An excellent general reference for this subject. 

Robinson, AH: Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography. Univ. Of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1982. This is a very useful, clear and well-referenced book on how maps have been developed for the display of many types of scientific information. 

Rosenthal JK, Rosenthal BM: Antique Map Price Record & Handbook. Amherst (MA), Kimmel Publications. This is an ongoing labor of substantial influence. Its value extends well beyond mapping the change of market prices for an assortment of antiquarian maps, and it adds a useful (and in my opinion necessary) perspective on the whole subject. 

Schilder G: Monumenta Cartographica Neerlandica. Uitgeverij Canaletto/Repro Holland, 1986 and onward. Ongoing bilingual (Dutch and English) series of extensive reference volumes on the major Dutch and Flemish cartographers of the 16th through early 18th century. Each volume has a separate facsimile map portfolio pertinent to its subject. This is a major reference work. 

Schwartz SI: This Land is Your Land, The Geographic Evolution of the United States. Abrams, New York, 2000. This attractive volume is a focused sequel (of sorts) to the earlier and more general volume on the mapping of America, with the newer volume narrowed to the mapping of the United States.

Schwartz SI, Ehrenberg RE: The Mapping of America. New York, Abrams, 1980. This is a frequently referenced source, spanning the early 16th through the late 19th century. 

Shirley, RW: The Mapping of the World. Early Printed World Maps 1472-1700.The Holland Press Ltd., London, 1983 (first edition; volume 9 of Holland Press Cartographica). A major reference work on the subject. The first edition is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, and a new edition is scheduled for release.

Skelton, RA: Maps. A Historical Survey of Their Study and Collecting. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1972. These essays were orginially given as the first series of Nebenzahl lectures in conjunction with the Newberry Library, as given by a distinguished scholar and devotee of map collecting. They deal with map study methodology and map collecting, rather than individual maps. This book would be a useful addition to the library of any serious collector.

Stephenson RW, McKee MM: Virginia in Maps. Four Centuries of Settlement, Growth and Development. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, 2000. A beautifully produced and scholarly history of the mapping of this first colony, and therefore a wonderful edition to the history of the mapping of America. 

Thrower, NJW: Maps & Civilization. Cartography in Culture and Society. Univ. Of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1996 (paperback edition). A very useful and relatively inexpensive reference work, scholarly but readable. The first edition of this work was published as Maps and Man, in 1972. 

Tooley, RV: Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers. Amsterdam, Meridian Publishing Co., 1979. This is a very useful book, but hard to find. A new edition is being prepared by Map Collector Publications. 

Verner C, Stuart-Stubbs B: The Northpart of America. Academic Press Canada Ltd, 1979. This beautifully produced edition was limited to 1500 copies, detailing the discovery and exploration of this region from the mid-16th to the late 19th centuries. 

Wheat CI: 1540-1861 Mapping the Transmississippi West, 5 vols. (The 5th volume of the reprint edition was printed in 2 parts.) San Francisco, The Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957-63. This original edition is scarce and expensive. The later reprint edition mentioned here was still limited to 350 copies, and was issued by M. Martino, 746 Mansfield City Rd, Storrs-Mansfield, CT 06268 USA. 

Winearls, Joan (ed): Editing Early and Historical Atlases. Univ. of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1995. An excellent small monograph loaded with information pertaining to historical problems and perspectives in atlas development and preparation.

Wood, D: The Power of Maps. The Guilford Press, NY, 1992. A well-written work discussing the utilities and biases of maps, focused on their use as instruments of communication and political tools.

Woodward, D (ed): Art and Cartography. Six Historical Essays. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1987. Another entry into the succesful series of Nebenzahl lectures from the Newberry Library. This is a very useful volume linking to the history of cartography to the history of art, hence the history of printing, engraving, and writing.

Woodward, D (ed): Five Centuries of Mapping. Univ. Of Chicago Press, 1975. This small volume is based on the Newberry Library's Nebenzahl Lectures, and discusses the history of various methods of map printing. 

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